Brazilfeet - Tongue Bath For Fabiana-s Feet

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CvFWkpo6cCn9R5v#BF-TBFFF1.7z (33,34 MB) https://mega.co.nz/#!xhoDGBCT!K_rM8GYKRaymfjve6qzfznWGkn7y4cHaz_iFo4eoSXA
Mighty Goddess Fabiana is at her home chatting on the phone and her favorite slave is serving her some water but the nasty Domme didn`t like it because the water was too cold and hurtled her teeth. Goddess Fabiana gets real angry and decides to torture Cassia forcing her to worship her dirty shoes soles and her smelly feet. Slave Cassia kneels down to the floor and starts worship her Domme`s sexy shoes licking her dirty soles. Mistress Fabiana seems to adore that and she tells her slave to remove her shoes and begin to kiss and to lick her smelly feet. Also in that incredible film we have the opportunity to see Domme Fabiana and her poor slave in a very hot scene of feet fetish with many scenes of feet licking and feet sniff. Domme Fabiana and her slave Cassia on another super hot Brazilian girl/girl movie!!!