Brazilfetishfilms - Astrides First Ass Worship

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Mighty Mistress Alana and her best friend Domme Jenifer are in bed with their favorite fart smelling slave Fefe. The Goddesses apparently ate too much at the dinner and are felling bloated because they ate many eggs. The mighty Mistresses hold Fefe on the bed and obey the poor slave to smell their smelly farts. They are two very angry Dommes and seating above Fefe’s face they drop farts on her nose obeying Fefe to smell and to get her nose very close to their assholes making the poor girl almost throws up because those farts are so stinky. Mistress Alana and Goddess Jenifer are bad girls so they keep blowing some heavy farts all over the girl’s face. Nasty Brazilian farting movie starring the two hot Goddesses!!! Goddess Astride tells Fefe to start smell her big round ass while she feels very powerful. The obedient slave does that putting her nose almost inside Domme Astride’s asshole through the tight panties. Then the angry Goddess takes off her panties and forces Fefe to smell and to kiss the great ass of Goddess Astride. Little Fefe immediately starts to smell and to lick her sweated asshole and then things got really hot between the two hotties. Fefe smells and licks Mistress Astride’s asshole very hard making the mighty Goddess very powerful. Great lesbian ass licking movie!!!