Worship My Ass Bitch Crystals Reign

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Tasia, was invited over to Crystals place to discuss a secret Crystal newly discovered of Tasia`s. Its a deep dark secret she doesn`t want anyone at school to find out about. She begs Crystal not to exploit her secret life, she will do anything she wants! Crystal, is as bratty as they come and wants to humiliate Tasia on a personal level. She tells Tasia she has to get on her knees and worship her bare ASS! Tasha gets disgusted and begs not to have to do that but Crystal won`t take NO for an answer. Poor Tasia gets on her knees and is made to smell Crystals round ass and kiss it. This makes Crystal chuckle who crawls higher on the bed and tells Tasia to get on the bed and massage, lick, and WORSHIP her ass more. Tasia begrudgingly does what mean crystal wants, and finds her self enjoying it. She begins to rub Crystals round ass more sensually, she begins to kiss it and EVEN buries her face so deep into crystals ass her face disappears! Crystal grabs the back of Tasias head and makes her go deeper into her ass and demands she`s LICKS HER ASSHOLE. Tasia does it, and even opens crystals cheeks so she can get a better lick of the asshole. She jiggles the cheeks on her face and can`t help but become so turned on by Crystals ass she doesn`t want to stop worshipping it. Crystal laughs, and sees how much Tasia is enjoying her new fetish. Crystal stops her and now has her under her control.